The Robbers Tool Kit offers a wealth of new crazy weapons and upgrades, accompanied by a number of different shop items that are instantly unlocked for you. To top it off there are 2 new maps per game mode.

Find yourself stranded on a Container Ship, not only battling against your fellow robbers, but also fighting against the swaying ship as it travels through the unpredictable ocean waves. The Parking Lot offers a new and interactive environment. Move the trollies to stop an incoming snow ball, or simply run around one to deny your opponents from robbing your dollars.

You’ll be blown away by the Cluster Bomb, Musket, Beer Cans or any of the other new weapons, not forgetting the customization items like the Samurai’s Beard and the Fu Man Chu found within the Tool-Kit. Are you excited? We know the Robbers are!


Available now on PC/MAC/PSN and XBLA

Now unlock a completely new game mode “Topscorer” with six maps and a mass of new exciting in-game shop content, such as a new victory dance, costumes and in-game icons!

The challenge is set, as each player carries a money bag which can hold $1,000.00 dollars. With limited money available, all cash will be fiercely fought over as no money can be deposited in “Topscorer”.

As you frantically collect as much cash as possible, the player with the most money will trigger a timer of 60 seconds and the countdown begins!  You must hold your nerve, defend your monopoly and fight off the attackers until the timer reaches 0 to win the match.

Should another player collect more money than the current winner whilst the timer is still counting down, the clock will reset, but with 2 seconds less on each occasion, until the maximum countdown time is just 20 seconds.

Topscorer will be fast, frenetic and fiercely competitive, so all you have to do is make sure you’re ready!


Now available on PC/Mac/PSN and XBLA

Released on PSN

March 19, 2013

Dollar Dash is now LIVE on the PlayStation®Network.
In the US it is released today
In the EU it releases on the 20th March (tomorrow)

Dollar Dash Released

March 6, 2013

Dollar Dash is now available on Xbox Live Arcade and PC

Dollar Dash on Steam Buy on Steam NOW!

Dollar Dash on Kalypso Store Buy from Kalypso NOW!

Dollar Dash on XBLA Buy for Xbox Live!

Win FREE stuff

February 15, 2013

We have a very cool and simple competition, this is all you have to do!

  • Share the Facebook post about this competition, with the words “ROBBER COMP”:Here
  • Ask one question in the “Ask the Developers” thread here on the Forum, and finish the post with the words “ROBBER COMP” :Here

For more information please follow this link

Official DD Forum – OPEN

February 1, 2013

Great News Fans!

The official Dollar Dash Forums are now up and running!
Guess what’s even cooler than that?

Candygun themselves are going to be on the forums ready to answer any of your questions!

or make your very own thread :)

Have fun!
Don’t be shy 😉


Preview –

October 20, 2012



“Dollar Dash promised to be addictive and I can happily report that this little gem is living up to its promise.” –

Preview –

October 18, 2012



“There’s really no grey area or nuance to be found in Dollar Dash, and that’s the beauty of it.” –

Preview – Gamesradar

October 17, 2012

“This downloadable multiplayer melee from Kalypso and Candygun Games is an unexpected surprise, offering up a rowdy cash-grabbing romp that’s a hoot with four players.” – gamesradar

GamesCom 2012 Winner!

October 4, 2012

Dollar Dash – rob Kalypso of their money @gamecom 2012 winner!


You surely remember this year’s GamesCom, right? At our booth in Hall 6 one could rob Kalypso and win 1,128.04 US-Dollars by guessing how much money was in the Dollar Dash glass-safe! The one coming closest to the exact amount would win the whole amount!

Nearly 7.000 gamers tried to estimate how much money was in the safe made of glass and filled out our particpations card. Some people even figured hundreds of thousands of dollars to be in the safe. Well it wasn’t that much. But even 1.128,04 Dollars is a great deal, right?

One German was smart and lucky enough to get closest to the real amount. He estimated $ 1,126 was in the safe. Very, very close! His name Tim Michel A. – a 19-year-old from a small town in the middle of Germany.

When we told him he could not believe it at first. Then we visited him to bring him the money. He was really surprised to see all that money coming out of a simple cardboard-box (for secrecy-reasons obviously)… We made these photos of him with the money.

He wants to spend most of the money on getting his driving-license, which is very costly in Germany. The money is well spent! This way we have a driver for our getaway car for our next Dollar Dash heist! Bring it on, Tim! 😉